Specialized Services Resources for Parents


HWDSB invites parents, guardians and caregivers to explore new resources explaining the core elements of special education.

Board staff worked with the special education community to develop easy-to-understand videos and documents related to several key elements of special education in Ontario school boards: Individual Education Plans (IEPs), Identification, Placement, and Review Committees (IPRCs), and Transition Planning for Students with Special Education Requirements.

“We hope these new resources help bring greater understanding to specific special education processes for HWDSB families,” said Superintendent of Specialized Services Peggy Blair.

All videos and resources are translated and accessible for those who use screen readers.

The resources include:

What is an IEP?

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are individualized documents that describes what your child is learning with their peers during the school day. It is based on assessment identifying your child’s strengths, interests and needs. These changes are put in place to help your child achieve their personal best.

What is an IPRC?

The Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) is a board committee that decides whether your child is exceptional and their placement in a regular or self-contained class. HWDSB offers students and parent(s)/guardian(s) an inclusive and integrated programming and service structure. This means that nearly all students will attend their home school in a regular class with a classroom teacher.

What happens at an IPRC meeting?

Curious about how an IPRC works and what happens at a meeting? This video shares information about how to request an IPRC meeting for your child and what to expect on the day of the meeting.

Transition Planning for Students with Special Education Requirements

Transition planning for students with special education requirements begins with the student’s entry to school and continues throughout their school career until the student exits school. Preparing and guiding students successfully through transitions is a collaborative process between school teams at HWDSB, the student, parents or guardians, relevant community agencies and other professionals involved with the student.